Matt Capps

Every story lately about the Twins and their free agents when referring to Matt Capps uses the phrase “unlikely to return”. It is a bit odd that no writer says anything more.  Are the reasons for his non-return so obvious it is unnecessary to cite them or is something more going on that is being politely left alone?

The primary reasons for Capps not returning seem to be: 1) the Twins do not see him as their closer with or without Nathan next year, 2) his salary is too high for a non-closer role, and 3) Capps wants to be a closer. Therefore, the assumption might be that he will not be offered any contract during the exclusive period the Twins have to negotiate with him.

If anything else is going on, the media have not uncovered or reported it. There was no evidence that Capps had a falling out with Gardenhire and/or Anderson during the season. In fact, toward the end of the season Capps was become a little more effective again after having some terrible outings. Like many other relievers, he was overused for a while and it took its toll on his ability to get hitters to swing and miss.

I’m left to conclude that Capps will almost certainly accept an offer from some other team to be their closer. But I’d be very surprised if it is with a contender. So I join the masses and say he is unlikely to return.


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