Jamey Carroll and Media Reports

Several sources have reported a Twins’ tentative agreement with Jamey Carroll pending his passing a physical which will presumably occur soon. He is apparently expected to be the everyday shortstop batting 2nd in the lineup.

I have found the reporting of this story to be an interesting contrast of styles. Most reporters have made it clear that it is a tentative agreement including vague guesses attributed to reliable sources as to the terms. On the other hand, some, including a couple of bloggers, have used words to the effect of “Twins have signed…” implying a done deal.

The hot stove rumor mill is difficult enough to sort through without otherwise reasonably reputable bloggers jumping to conclusions. I’m taking a more guarded approach.

Based on the reported conversation this morning on ESPN1500, Terry Ryan would not discuss this deal because it was not officially completed yet. That may simply be appropriate legal caution on the part of the new GM, or it might be that there are some legitimate concerns to be worked out yet. We do not know and will not know until an official announcement is made either detailing the deal or clarifying the deal did not go through.

I’ll have more to say about Jamey Carroll and his role with the Twins if and when the deal goes through.


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