Doumit Official Backup Catcher

The Twins made it official today in signing Ryan Doumit to a one-year contract. Terry Ryan made it clear he was being signed as a catcher, but would likely see some time in right field, DH and possibly first base.

This is a good signing – a clear step up from Butera offensively. Now the big question is will the Twins keep the third catcher on the roster and my guess is unless they trade him, Butera will open the season on the major league roster. This would allow both Mauer and Doumit to play almost every day.

Only his lost time as a result of injuries concerns me. If he and Mauer both get hurt, we are back to the same issues as last year.

In November I’ll choose to be optimistic about their status in 2012.

If Doumit is in the lineup most days, he will probably be catching or the DH most of the time. I would be very surprised if Doumit plays anything more than sparingly in the outfield. The Twins will still need to settle their starting outfield situation before opening day.

I suspect the only way Doumit will play much at first base is if Morneau is unable to be the regular there. Mauer is most likely the number one backup on days Morneau is resting or the DH while Doumit or Butera catches. Nice to have some flexibility options.



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