Red Wings’ New Manager

Gene Glynn will be the 2012 manager of the Rochester Red Wings.

He was a professional scout in the Tampa Bay Rays organization that past five years and has significant big league experience as a 3B coach.

Some comments on Twitter by a few who know him say he is knowledgeable and well liked. Given the difficult media relations of the previous manager, this is a good sign.

He will be taking over leadership of a team that had more than 90 losses each of the last two years. Red Wings management and Rochester area fans were reportedly becoming increasingly disgruntled by what appeared to them to be neglect on the part of the Twins’ front office.

Until we see the roster for the 2012 Red Wings, it is difficult to know whether or not he will be successful in his new role, but he will have some key prospects who played AA ball last year to help. In addition, Tom Brunanski will be the Red Wings’ hitting coach next year.

Glynn and Brunanski may well be the kind of changes that will breathe new life into the Red Wings and ultimately that will be good for the Twins as they need Rochester to be a good experience for their developing talent – Liam Hendriks, Chris Parmelee, Joe Benson and Brian Dozier – to name a few.

Here is the Web story by Jim Mandelaro who is a sports writer for the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle newspaper.


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