Winter Meetings Begin

So far not much about the Twins but a few rumors swirling.

The strangest is a report of the Twins showing some interest in Carlos Guillen. With Jamey Carroll already signed and a shortstop (Pedro Florimon) claimed off waivers today from the Orioles, it would seem the Twins’ need for middle infielders would be a much lower priority right now. Trying to make sense of this I’m wondering if there is a deal in the works that includes one or more of the Twins infielders – perhaps Casilla? Or they may just be adding some depth to the minor leagues. Or this may be an old rumor, meaning the Twins showed some interest earlier but have none now.

I’m encouraged by Mark Buehrle being on the Twins interest list. He would be a significant upgrade in the starting pitcher ranks. Apparently the Twins’ offer is not as high as some others, but you never know.

From the rumor reports, it appears Josh Willingham is still plan B for the Twins as they continue to pursue re-signing Michael Cuddyer. The best news is there is a tentative meeting scheduled for Thursday will Willingham’s agent. The Rays showing strong interest may mean he is gone before then.

Nothing new so far today on Jeff Francis. I’m not at all excited about his becoming a Twin. Here’s hoping that someone else signs him to take away the temptation.


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