What was accomplished in the winter meetings?

The four day meetings are done. The Rule 5 draft is completed. The Twins are not much better than when the meetings began.

Much as I wish they would have waited, the Twins have brought Matt Capps back for another year, apparently as the closer. It is hard for me to believe there was so much interest in him that the Twins had to sign him this soon, but the deal is done so we move on.

The only other actions of the Twins were the Slowey trade (I said about all I’m going to say about that) and one waiver claim. Stocking up on minor league relievers might be useful, but not very exciting.

John Terry Doyle was the Rule 5 pick taken out of the White Sox system. He had a very good showing in the Arizona Fall League this year, so might have a chance of making the roster as a long relief man or maybe even 5th starter. Spring training will tell if he is going to be worth keeping.

Top priorities for filling holes have yet to be addressed. Let’s hope the groundwork for some future deals has been adequately laid so the roster can be filled out in the next few weeks. If past practice is any indication, however, it will be January or even into spring training before the roster is close to settled.


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