Mijares Non-Tendered

Not surprising at all given his poor performance this past year. Jose Mijares is now a free agent.

It will be very interesting to see if there is any interest shown in him by other organizations. I suspect sometime in January or February someone will decide they need a left-hander bad enough to take a change on home on the old “change of scenery will be good for him” bet. It might even be the Twins. One report I saw today indicated that the Twins tried to offer a contract in lieu of arbitration to avoid non-tendering him, but Mijares’ camp was not interested. That leads one to believe they have not given up on him completely yet.

As I think about Mijares and his failings, including his arrival to spring training late and out of shape two seasons in a row, I wonder how much his life in home country Venezuela might have to do with his issues. The highly publicized and closely followed kidnapping and subsequent release of Wilson Ramos a few weeks ago brought to my attention the fact that Venezuela is not a safe place for major league ball players. Maybe Mijares’ visa problems causing him to be late to spring training were legit. Maybe his coming to camp overweight had more to do with his home and family culture than with his interest in being a good pitcher.

Whatever is the case, I hope he is able to get on track to use the talent he has. I hope he gets another chance and is able to return to his best form.


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