Twins Free Agents Resolved

Today the official announcement of Jason Kubel’s passing the physical and signing with the Arizona Diamondbacks completes the Twins’ free agent picture.

Going into the off-season the Twins had four players who were destined to become free agents either by the Twins not offering arbitration or by rejection of an arbitration offer. Only one – Matt Capps – has be re-signed.

Earlier in the off-season if I had been told only one of the four would return as a Twin, I would have bet it would be Joe Nathan. If not Nathan, then Michael Cuddyer or Kubel. Surprise! We now know that those three were more highly valued in the market place than the Twins could or would afford.

I find myself more sad about Kubel’s departure than either Nathan or Cuddyer. And I am more or less resigned to the fact that Capps will be the closer, although I do not like it very much.

Yesterday I posted a blog projecting the outfield for 2012 based on the free agent defections. Unless and until some other transaction occurs to change that, I expect spring training to open with that set of players penciled in.

Capps is supposed to fill the closer gap left by Nathan’s departure. That leaves some gaping holes in the pitching staff yet to fill. Obviously there is still plenty of time to flesh out the pitching roster so it is not time to get too concerned. There is even some room in the payroll to address the needs.

Given the time of year, I expect things to be quiet now until January when the old hot stove will be re-stoked again.


2 thoughts on “Twins Free Agents Resolved

  1. Hey, I just found your blog, and linked to it at my own, Twins Fan From Afar. I agree – – of the 4 major free agents, I think I least expected Capps to be the only one that is still a Twin in 2012. A little bittersweet, a little disappointing. Although I’m glad the Twins didn’t match the $7.5 million that Arizona gave Kubel. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy and was very consistent (when healthy) for Minnesota, but that money would go a long way to shoring up the bullpen, or would pay about 75% of a starting pitcher’s salary. As for whether that money will actually be used or saved, who knows?

  2. Hey, Andrew, thanks for the link. I’ll check out your blog more regularly and add a link to it here as well. And, yes, I too am glad the Twins did not overspend to keep Kubel.

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