Catching Up Via Blog Links

After a few days traveling to visit family followed by some catch-up time, I’m back at the blog again. In the time since my last post, not much has happened on the Twins’ front. About the only real news was the press release on the 25 non-roster players invited to the Twins’ major league spring training camp.

But the lack of any more significant action has not kept the bloggers from their tasks. The last few days four of them have focused some attention on Francisco Liriano. Yesterday, Parker Hageman at Over the Baggy discusses Liriano finally pitching this winter and today Nick Nelson has a nice piece on the major league career of the high up-side, but erratic pitcher. Today’s post by Cody Christie at NoDak Twins Fan is a detailed report on Liriano’s debut in the Dominican League on January 3, and a couple of days ago, Andrew at Twins Fan From Afar made the case for now as the time to lock in Liriano with an extension.

Over at Baseball Outsider Edward Thoma has an interesting set of posts the last few days  beginning with a continuation of his series on trades of the Bill Smith era, then comments about the 25 non-roster invitees including today’s noting two surprising NON-invitees – David Bromberg and Anthony Slama.

And, of course, there is the regular Thursday links article at Puckets Pond to peruse for an eclectic bunch of links put together by Eric Pleiss. Two other posts there by Nate Gilmore – on Terry Ryan’s trade record and a profile of non-roster invitee, Jason Bulger – are worth reading as well.

Jesse at Twinkie Town puts together a roster of players using only remaining free agents as a creative way of reviewing options the Twins might consider in the final phases of preparing for 2012.

Seth Stohs at SethSpeaks appears to be in the process of reviewing the Twins options by position, yesterday focusing on the outfielders and today the infielders, including a number of minor leaguers. One of my favorite bloggers, Seth often gives depth to the Twins organization review because of his knowledge of the minor league system and players.

Right now I tend to agree with Jim Crikket’s take on the apparent reduction of the payroll to around $100 million. On his latest post at Knuckleballs he wonders out loud if the quantity of players being brought to training camp will net the quality needed for a decent 2012 season. I’m with him in wondering the same thing.

If baseball history is your thing, The Tenth Inning Stretch is your place to go. Yesterday featured a top ten list of the Twins’ franchise leaders in OPS. Always informative stuff.

Obviously, the Twins’ blogosphere is alive and well. May everyone have a happy and prosperous year.


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