Interesting Week Ahead

After a dry spell on Twins news, this week promises some action that will fuel significant chatter in the Twins blogosphere.

Today a brief story first appeared on reporting the Twins have agreed to sign Joel Zumaya to an incentive laden non-guaranteed major league contract. According to the report, it will be Thursday or Friday that he will have his required physical, so official confirmation from the Twins will not come until after that.

A persistent rumor linking the Twins to Roy Oswalt also is likely to be clarified or confirmed in some form this week. Lindsay Guenzel was the first to report the Twins were talking with Oswalt on her Twitter feed. Apparently Oswalt’s first choice is to sign with the Texas Rangers, but if they sign Yu Darvish, he will sign with the Twins. This week is the deadline for Darvish and Texas to complete a deal, so we should know relatively soon if Oswalt is a realistic option for the Twins.

More activity is in the works this week with the arbitration deadline approaching. The Twins have three players left who are eligible for arbitration this year – Alexi Casilla, Glen Perkins and Francisco Liriano. Seth Stohs has a post detailing what he expects to happen. It will be very interesting to see whether or not the Twins sign any of these players to extensions.

Already there has been a good deal of discussion on Twitter about Zumaya and Oswalt. Both would be risks because of their recent history with injuries, but both have what everyone calls significant “upsides”. Right now we all presume that Zumaya will fill the final slot on the 40-man roster. So far no one is talking much about or speculating on which current roster member will be designated for assignment, released or traded to open up a slot if Oswalt is also signed.

By the end of the week we will all know a lot more about the Twins, their roster and payroll level. I’ll have more to say if and when signings are confirmed.


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