Any More Signings?

The annual TwinsFest this past weekend was interesting to follow from afar via Twitter, blog posts, beat reporters columns and the FSN two-hour TV special with two panels of Twins dignitaries. There was certainly no shortage of Twins related items to savor.

Because of all the festivities, it is no surprise there were no official moves to improve the roster, but that does not mean we are not still hoping for more. Terry Ryan again indicated the Twins still had interested in some players yet available, but obviously would not divulge any names or timetable.

Normally at this time of year one would expect few signings in the offing throughout MLB, but this year there are still several high-profile free agents as well as a long list of decent players still waiting to latch on to a team for the year. Some recent signings to minor league contracts have been surprising enough to set the bloggers ranting again about the Twins being too quick to sign Matt Capps as such a high price tag. I agree he is still overpaid, but believe his age and his fit in the clubhouse are important positives not to be ignored. He should have a better year this year that 2011.

For my part, I think the Twins could still benefit from one or two more veteran relief pitcher(s) in the mix to be sorted out in spring training. I was beginning to run out of patience until I reviewed the list of free agents and remembered this is an abnormally slow year for off-season signings.

The Twins still have 19 more days before pitchers and catchers report and that is plenty of time to wait out the market and see who is available for a bargain price or minor league contract so no immediate change will not need to be made to the 40 man roster.

That means the waiting game continues.


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