Following Twins Players

Spring training is about to open for the Twins with the pitchers and catchers reporting in just two days. As in the past, we can follow them through the traditional media via stories written by journalists from the major news outlets in the Twin Cities. Some of those writers have expanded their modes of story-telling to include blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

Over the last decade or so independent bloggers have joined the fray. Some are aspiring journalists and others, like me, are just Twins enthusiasts and amateur writers. This group in particular has made the off-season much more interesting by delving into stories and working up detailed statistical analyses. This off-season seems to have gone much faster because of the interesting array of information online.

One relatively new wrinkle for fans to get information about players is from the players themselves directly. Facebook and especially Twitter have made daily lives of players much more accessible. Some players have embraced the medium and others have not yet jumped on board. Some have someone do the posting/tweeting for them but most are handling that chore themselves.

I’ve found following several Twins players on Twitter a window into the personalities, maybe even more than they realize. Especially in the off-season, their tweets are about more than baseball. One gets a glimpse into their interests and sometimes even family life. But judging from their mixing in comments about their workouts, most are serious about getting ready for the coming season.

I’ll have to see how difficult it is to maintain a list, but for now I intend to keep a page current with known Twitter users who are on the Twins’ active major league roster. Here is the first listing.


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