Sad Day for Joel Zumaya

My reaction is sadness. I had hopes of a story-book comeback for an exciting player. But my hopes being shattered are not of much significance compared to the pain Joel Zumaya and his family are experiencing today.

There are plenty of stories and tweets with details on the MRI and reactions of Twins and GM Terry Ryan available online, so I won’t go into any of that in this post. My thoughts at this point are with Zumaya.

It is going to be a difficult time for him as he has to deal with decisions about his career and physical health. It’s at times like this that one is reminded of how fleeting a baseball career at the elite level can be. Those of us who watch and enjoy the game without having ever played the game at any significantly competitive level may not have a full realization of the tremendous dedication, hard work and determination it takes to succeed even if born with an athletically gifted body. Zumaya has put in an extraordinary effort to get back on the field and he was excited about that. Now that is over, at least for another year.

I will probably never forget that game against the Twins when Zumaya’s arm popped. I was watching on TV, but it was a sobering moment. Now it appears he will have another very long hill to climb to return, if he even chooses to do that. One can certainly not blame him if he chooses retirement.

Best wishes Joel Zumaya.


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