A brief deviation from the norm on this site for a little site housekeeping.

Today a story broadcast by NPR on the show  “On the Media” I heard for the first time about the “Curator’s Code”. It is a new venture to assist content providers including bloggers (and commenters, etc.) in attributing information to sources where it was first discovered.

The subject of the story is a set of two symbols for use to identify the type of source being cited or linked to. The “via” symbol () and the “hat tip” symbol () are used to denote direct discovery and indirect discovery, respectively. The  is used when linking to original sources and the  is used when linking to a site where you learned about the original source in some indirect way. Both symbols, when the proper code is used, are links themselves to the Curator’s Code Website.

This approach is a creation of Maria Popova of Brain Pickings, and is promoted by  Curator’s Code, a Web site introducing the concepts and symbols.

From this date forward, I intend to use these symbols to help show where I have found ideas, insights, quotes, etc. that I use or discuss in my posts.


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