Game 1 Observations

Opening day has finally arrived and game one is in the books. A little disappointing, but great to have the season under way. I’m not going to do any kind of game summary, but instead will make a few comments about what I noticed in the season opener.

Worrisome: The defensive play of Ryan Doumit in right field. His misplay led to a run-producing triple. He may have just lost the ball in the sun, but he was anything but graceful out there.

Encouraging: The defensive play of the infield, especially Jamey Carroll; the strong arm of Josh Willingham throwing out a baserunner at home after making a catch in left field foul territory; and the offense mounting a comeback in the ninth inning even if it fell short.

Interesting in a curious sort of way: Relief pitching decisions. Jeff Gray the first pitcher out of the bullpen; letting Brian Duensing pitch to a right handed hitter with two runners on base; and apparently being prepared to bring Alex Burnett in if needed. Did Gardenhire think it was already a lost cause?

Most surprising: How well Jake Arrieta pitched for Baltimore. Is he really a budding ace or are the Twins hitters just not in a groove yet?

Twins Player of the Game: Josh Willingham.


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