Tail Spin and Call-ups

Wow! This Twins team is looking like it might continue to set records of futility. First time in the modern era of baseball that a team has so few hits in four consecutive games. Starting pitching remains awful.

Any hope on the horizon? The news that Brian Dozier and Scott Diamond will be joining the team for the next game at least will bring some new faces to the mix. With Dozier’s promotion in particular, the signal is the process of rebuilding has begun. He will play shortstop and that means Jamey Carroll will get a little bit of rest and then we shall see how the infield rotation works out.

My bet is Danny Valencia is not going to be with the team all that much longer. I hope he gets traded so he has another opportunity to get it together, but it is also possible that he will be demoted to make room for Ben Revere or Rene Tosoni when either one is ready to return.

Scott Diamond will get a chance to earn a spot in the rotation. If he does well the rest of the year, he is a lock for a spot in 2013, but that is a big if. His stuff is not spectacular so he will have to win by location and good defense.

I am finding my interest in continuing to follow the Twins now focused on the future. Following the younger players in the minors more closely has generated a bit of enthusiasm for the long haul even while watching the disaster that is developing at the major league level this season.


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