Explaining the Paucity of Posts

What happened? When I began posting on this site last September, I had no idea if this experiment would last or how it might evolve if it did. I most certainly would never have anticipated how little posting I would do during the baseball season! In fact, I would probably have thought it would be easier to post daily with all the games and various stories surrounding the Twins in-season providing plenty of inspiration for regular posts.

As it turns out, even being retired and mostly footloose and fancy free, I seem to have only so many hours in the day that I’m able or willing to give to baseball related activities. During the season those hours tend to be spent watching the games and reading stories, blogs, comments, etc. about the Twins as well as what others think is going on. Even as easy as it is to do, Tweeting has not been much of a factor for me so far.

Maybe that will all change in the future, but somehow I don’t think it will very soon. Often I find my thoughts falling in line with what other sports writers and bloggers have already said and thus having lost any sense of originality have less motivation to just write something. Let’s face it. Writing well takes some effort that requires at least minimal incentive.

As I have said on my Purpose page, I did not start this blog with the primary purpose of finding an audience and expanding the readership of the site. That is not to say I am not interested at all in having others read what I am writing. In fact, as I think about it now, the fact that I lose motivation to write because I don’t have anything unique to add to the Twins blogosphere means I must care about readers enough to want to provide something original.

Obviously, I do not love the act of writing enough to be driven to write something, no matter what, each day or at least regularly. What will be interesting to me over the next few months is if I find enough interest and have enough ideas percolating to write more often in the off-season again when the number of news stories dwindles significantly and some bloggers/commenters drop off the radar screen until the next season begins, and, of course, when I won’t be spending three or more hours per day just watching the Twins play the game.

One other factor that I’m quite sure has had an impact on how often I post here is the emergence and rapid growth of the Twins Daily site just before spring training this year. That drew a number of the bloggers I followed regularly and quickly became a center for discussion with its forum board, as well as the opportunity to post as a blogger. So far, I have resisted the temptation to cross-post there. One reason is I am not entirely sure I intend to keep this site going and don’t want it to show up one day on the blog list there and be gone shortly after. The “brand” for Minnesota Twins Musings, even as scantily known as it is currently, is worth protecting for the long-term – just in case. If I cross-post at Twins Daily and readers start to show some continued interest, I would not want to have the brand tarnished if I decide to slow down or put this site on a lengthy hiatus.

I like my freedom. I like to write about whatever I want. I like not having any external deadlines or expectations for how often I must post. To be honest, I would also like readers following and commenting on what I write, but as of now, probably not quite enough to give up the aforementioned freedom. Regular readers expect new content at least periodically.

Ultimately, I started this blog because it provides a venue for some intellectual stimulation. That, when all else is said and done, is maybe the best reason to continue doing what I do here. Introverted thinkers such as I am absolutely need intellectual stimulation.  Hmm. As I prepare to publish this post, I think it is time to tweak my Purpose page to reflect this realization.


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