Reasons for Some Hope

During this off-season, I have found myself daily looking for news about some Twins’ activity hoping for news of a trade and/or significant free agent acquisitions, not just the scavenger hunting on the waiver wire that has been typical for the Twins.

Most promising since the end of the 2013 season is the Twins’ activity in the free agent market. While I cannot say I’m ecstatic about all the additions, the signings so far have definitely been a step forward. The starting rotation has a chance to be something other than awful. Now if only I had a similar sense about the regular lineup being able to score runs, I would actually be a little more excited about the chances for some success in 2014.

I, like many other fans and bloggers, am most excited about the top prospects coming through the minor league system. Maybe some will be ready to succeed at the major league level this year, but I hope none are rushed. At this point, I’m willing to be patient.


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