About Musings

Minnesota Twins Musings is written by one blogger who is a retired professional educator with ample time most days to indulge in musings of various sorts. It just happens that the Minnesota Twins and baseball are the most common topics for the musings.

Posts will appear on no particular schedule. Sometimes life intervenes and days may go by without a new contribution, but for the most part musings will produce ideas that will end up being expressed on the blog.

This is an opinion and commentary site not intended to break news. In fact, I will often intentionally be slow on addressing current happenings giving time to muse a little before commenting.

Disclaimer: In spite of the name, this site has absolutely no affiliation or association with the Minnesota Twins major league baseball club.

Photo Acknowledgement: The photo in the banner of this site is a modified version of a photo from the first regular season game at Target Field and it comes from the Twins’ MLB.com site Target Field page.


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